Mother’s Day Scented Spring Bouquet


A beautiful bouquet of scented spring flowers, typically including narcissi, hyacinths, tulips and anemones - wrapped in recycled paper and presented in a box, using biodegradable cellophane.

Standard - £50 | Medium - £60 | Large - £70

*Please note that due to the nature and natural size of spring flowers this is not a big showy 'wow' bouquet. It will fill a vase nicely and have plenty of stems, but will not be a very large bouquet.*

AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERY ON Friday 8th March and Saturday 9th March. PLEASE SPECIFY YOUR PREFERRED DELIVERY DAY & CARD MESSAGE IN YOUR ORDER NOTES. Contact Us us for any special requests!

Taking Care of Your Blooms


  • Always take your blooms out of the wrapping, keeping the tie in place (as it will hold your flowers beautifully arranged).
  • Prepare a vase of fresh clean water.
  • Cut at least 2cm from the stems at an angle and place straight in the water. No foliage should sit below the water line.
  • The flowers look best when they fill the neck of the vase with no gaps or wobble room.
  • Change the water approx every 2 days, or when it looks murky.
  • Keep your vase out of direct sunlight, away from any heat source or draft. Flowers should be kept away from fruit.

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