Mother’s Day Fresh and Dried Bouquet


A beautiful bouquet of both fresh and dried flowers, so you can give the scents and frills of fresh flowers, with stems that lasts forever.  This bouquet is a Florist's Choice bouquet, so may vary from those shown, but will always include at least 1 rose, along with pampas grass and bunny tails.
The bouquet comes beautifully wrapped in recycled paper, with no plastic in sight.
Medium - £30 | Large - £45 | Extra Large - £60

*please note that this item does not come with it's own water source and will need the stems cut before they are placed into fresh water. Instructions will be included in the packaging.

AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERY ON Friday 8th March and Saturday 9th March. PLEASE SPECIFY YOUR PREFERRED DELIVERY DAY & CARD MESSAGE IN YOUR ORDER NOTES. Contact Us us for any special requests!

Taking Care of Your Blooms


  • Always take your blooms out of the wrapping, keeping the tie in place (as it will hold your flowers beautifully arranged).
  • Prepare a vase of fresh clean water.
  • Cut at least 2cm from the stems at an angle and place straight in the water. No foliage should sit below the water line.
  • The flowers look best when they fill the neck of the vase with no gaps or wobble room.
  • Change the water approx every 2 days, or when it looks murky.
  • Keep your vase out of direct sunlight, away from any heat source or draft. Flowers should be kept away from fruit.

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